/ What was made

v1.4 26 September 2014

  • FIXEDNOTICE warnings fixed
  • NEWadded an example on how to debug
  • NEWadded an example with the option to choose other charsets besides UTF-8
  • NEWadded an example to add extra vars
  • NEWadded an example with the export feature to CSV, XLS
  • NEWadded an example of filling the table with a CSV file
  • NEWparams['form_method'] added to change the form submit method (GET or POST)
  • NEWparams['search_placeholder'] added to change the search placeholder text
  • NEWparams['charset'] added

v1.3 13 September 2011

  • UPDATEDMySQL syntax compapibily upgraded. Now almost all SQL queries work, if not all.
  • UPDATEDpossibility of using * in the SELECT * FROM ... clauses
  • NEWsearch types added - $params['search_type'] = (like, =, begining_like or end_like)
  • NEWtable_with parameter added - $params['search_type'] = (% or px or '')
  • NEWdebug parameter added - mysql errors shown in table - $params['debug'] = (true or false)
  • NEWadded an example with 2 items per page
  • NEWadded an example with a new easy way to add html to your cells
  • NEWadded an example with a new feature of adding attributes to the cells
  • NEWadded an example to include JSON for unsupported browsers and PHP versions

v1.2 11 November 2010

  • NEWparameter table_key added for boosting the performance of the table in large DBs
  • UPDATEDperformance of the table improoved by 50 times, event without assigning the table_key (earlier versions took 1s to change page, now it takes 20ms) - SUPER FAST
  • NEWadded an example of how to call the components separatly
  • NEWadded an example of custom component
  • NEWadded feature of showing only some especific columns
  • NEWadded an example of a table with 2 pagers
  • NEWadded an example of 2 tables in the same page
  • NEWadded an example of measuring the table_key boost in a large DB

v1.1 26 August 2010)

  • NEWadded an example of data manipulation (adding a link to the cells)
  • NEWadded an example of filling the table with a 2D array
  • NEWajax_url parameter added (url to be called by ajax, by default the url is the same file)
  • UPDATEDajax files rearranged (they don't need the ct_ajax_server.php any more)

v1.0 10 July 2010)

  • NEWmultiple tables in the same page
  • NEWsearch
  • NEWadvanced search with multiple search
  • NEWitems per page
  • NEWsort
  • NEWmultiple sort
  • NEWactions list
  • NEWeasy to add static rows
  • NEWeasy to add columns
  • NEWintegration with any pager system
  • NEWcorrect syntax
  • NEWvarious examples (real, complex, ajax, search, itemsperpage, sort, extracols)
  • NEWstyles examples